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Alicia Warner - Conference Director

Alicia Warner is one of our Conference Directors. She is a junior International Business major from Batesville, AR. This is her third year in PBL.

To me, the main benefit of PBL is the community. Being able to strive towards your goals with a group of like-minded people, getting support from your peers as you compete at state and national levels, and working together with these same individuals to solve problems and make things happen in the community, are all the best and most memorable parts of PBL. 

These are words I never thought I would say, because I arrived into my freshman year as a shy, quiet, and unsociable person. But the members of PBL reached out to me, gave me a place and a purpose, and made me feel valued. With help from the ASU PBL community, I found my voice. The time I’ve spent here has changed who I am for the better, and has given me opportunities to learn and experience things that I otherwise would never have had the opportunity or confidence to be involved in. 

I have learned that if you invest a little effort, PBL can provide a sense of belonging, and not only help you build important connections, but also give you the chance to learn from your peers and advisors freely, without the pressures or constrictions of a classroom setting. It’s a place where your opinion is valued, and you have many opportunities to grow, learn, and be involved. 

I look forward to growing, learning, and competing with you all for another year. 

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